kenThe Buying Process

Meet with your mortgage broker or banker: Prequalify for your mortgage (for any home purchase regardless of whether it is your first or fifth). This may be a wonderful opportunity to enhance the terms of any existing mortgage to better accommodate your plans. Being prequalified always protects you against interest rate increases.

Call Ken Forbes at REMAX Advantage. Meet with me to discuss your objectives. The type and style of home you want as well as the price range you are comfortable with, the type of area
you wish to live in, and the best time for you to move. We will review your need for schools, parks, transportation and a number of other important criteria. This will ensure that you will not waste your time looking at unsuitable properties.

Home viewing.  We will find the right home together.  We will view as many as you need.  I will make the arrangements and accompany you.

Ready to buy.  I will prepare an offer, which reflects all of your needs. After you sign the offer I will make arrangements with the Listing Agent to have the offer presented to the Seller.

Presenting your offer. There are 4 probable scenarios when presenting the offer:

  1. All parties (Seller, Buyer and Agents) meet at my office to negotiate the offer.

  2. I meet with the Sellers’ agent and the Seller at their home.  Hopefully you will be nearby.

  3. The offer is emailed to the Sellers’ agent and I meet with you afterward to review their response to it.  All terms and conditions are reviewed in detail.

  4. The offer is accepted. Most acceptable offers are conditional upon:

  • a) the Buyer’s financing being approved and/or

  • b) the Buyer being satisfied with a professional home inspection.

  • c) the Buyer obtaining insurance for the property

There may be other conditions as well. If you have a home to sell, this offer may also be conditional upon the sale of your home.

Offer becomes firm and binding. This happens when the conditions within it are satisfied.

Congratulations!! You have BOUGHT your home!!

I will forward all documentation to your lawyer. I will give you a list of the Utility Companies and their phone numbers so they can be notified in advance of your move.

Please print and use my handy Moving Checklist to help you stay organized.

We will do a final walk-through just before closing.